Jefferson County Court, Colorado

The charges in this combined case were all Domestic Violence Misdemeanors: False Imprisonment, Domestic Violence Assault in the Third Degree, Interruption of Phone Service, and Violation of a Restraining Order.

This was the endpoint of a bad domestic relationship between my client and a girlfriend. I was satisfied that the girlfriend was making false statements to the prosecutor and the police.  Her injuries were the result of her falling down the stairs after she attacked and then attempted to kick my client. Her bruises were real, but her explanation of how she got them was not.  My client, through poor previous legal advice, had pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge involving the same person.  The jury heard about that.  But the jury did not buy her significant attempts to gain their sympathy or buy her story of the events on the evening of the current event and found my client Not Guilty on All Counts.