Arapahoe County District Court, Colorado

The charge was Murder in the First Degree, under Colorado law, a sentence to life imprisonment upon conviction.

Everyone thought it just had to be true, after all, the local media wrote it up and the newspaper made it sound like there were no two ways about it, my client sure looked guilty of first-degree murder.  But let’s take a look at the evidence.  Let’s take a really close look.  The video of the police interrogation of their star witness ended with him identifying my client as a phone caller who made many incriminating statements against his own interest. But that wasn’t what the star witness said at the beginning of the police interview… then he didn’t know much of anything.  Can the police suggest answers in an interview?  That’s exactly what was evident here. Really listening to my client revealed that he was not even at the location where the murder happened, he was miles away, and there were people who could vouch for that, from before the murder until well after.  After many hours of investigation, I presented my finding to the detective who had filed the case.  He was honest about the failures of the police department after he thoroughly reviewed my investigative report.  The astounding outcome to this most serious charge was a Dismissal by the Arapahoe County Deputy District Attorney prior to the date of the Preliminary hearing! My client walked free the same afternoon of the filing of that motion by the DA.