1. Suing A City Government– In Kohn v. City of Boulder, 919 P.2d 822 (Colo. App. 1995), we established that claims for relief based on unjust enrichment do not lie in tort and are not barred by the Governmental Immunity Act.  This is legalese for “you can sue the government if you relied on government representations regarding their policy, and the government can’t hide from you – you have a right to be heard in court.”  This case is important in protecting the individual property rights of Coloradans and protecting their right to sue municipal governments for violating their property rights to the economic loss of the individual or business.
  2. Internet Cases – Domain Names– We represented the owner of the domain name Rockies.com in a lawsuit involving the Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball team and other litigants.  During the lawsuit, which involved a trial against a co-defendant, it was agreed that our client would have the domain name Rockies.com.