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Big Win in Jury Verdict
Ron Podboy

DENVER -- The family of 6-year-old boy who drowned in a pond at an apartment complex in southeast Denver won a judgment for wrongful death in their case against the apartment complex. The jury awarded Orion Colligan's family $4 million Friday afternoon.

Beginning in 1994, our civil and criminal practice has expanded from employment law to include personal injury, a variety of civil rights issues for both plaintiff and defendant, and family law cases.

We dedicate ourselves to obtaining a just result for our clients while performing that task in a cost effective manner. We have often observed large law firms proceed with representation where there is little or no concern for the financial impact on the client. In fact, for the benefit of clients, we have challenged excessive billing in federal court. We believe our significant experience is precisely what allows us to achieve just results without incurring needless expense, whether that expense is attorney fees or excessive trial expense that can be excluded with proper analysis. Small businesses and individuals can ill-afford to be subjected to legal costs that are common for large corporations.

In the civil arena, we have a history of taking difficult to prove cases to trial and prevailing before a jury, often in controversial and high-profile cases. Our reputation has been established and nationally recognized in this manner.

The founder of the firm, Ron Podboy, is a former district attorney in Denver, Colorado. His current criminal defense practice includes representation in federal and state courts. He has successfully defended white-collar criminal charges in both arenas and has recently defended felony charges involving assault, sex-assault, arson, theft and a range of other matters.



Success Stories

Ronald A. Podboy provided legal representation for the parents of one of the victims Neyers & Johnson v. Warehouse Liquor Mart; one of the most televised Colorado cases in 2004. In this case, Mr. Podboy prosecuted a local liquor store that knowingly sold liquor to an Englewood high school student, who was later involved in a fatal car accident. Click here for more information about this Colorado personal injury lawsuit.

Mr. Podboy also represented one of the victims in a 1996 suit in which a 600 lb. boulder crashed down on a People's Choice tour bus while it was taking passengers to a gambling trip in to the mountains. This highly publicized case helped reinforce standards for highway safety throughout Colorado. Click here for more information about this Colorado personal injury lawsuit.


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